How does property compare,
to other asset classes?

INVESTtoRENT 5% p.a. Bond

  • 20% net retained profit after 5 years
  • 5% p.a. interest paid
  • Invest in property from £2,500
  • Residential portfolio 5 years of growth
You should be aware that there are risks to all forms of corporate lending. Please read our risk warning before deciding to lend. These loans are NOT covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and clients will not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). All prospective lenders should seek an independent professional advice before lending.

House Price Index vs FTSE AllShare vs FTSE100

9.6% average HPI outperformance vs FTSE
Lowest market volatility in HPI vs FTSE
Structural housing supply shortage

House Price Index vs 10yr Government Bonds

Current net UK rental yields 3. 45%
15x greater return than bank savings
Rental growth supportive for yields

Rental Yields vs Bank Savings vs 10yr Government Bonds

17% average annual growth since 2000
Zero to negative government bond yields
Long run asset outperformance

What could you earn?

What could 10 000 invested in INVESTtoRENT earn?*

Typical High St. bank 1.5% p.a. cash ISA
INVESTtoRENT 5.00% p.a. Bond
Plus 20% of the profit share
Move the handle or click on the arrows to adjust the investment amount

The typical high street bank cash ISA rate is based on a 1.5% per annum interest rate where by interest is compounded once per year. Interest rates are based on 1 year fixed accounts over the last five years using data from the Bank of England.

The INVESTtoRENT 5.00% p.a. Bond is calculated using 'simple' interest over the full 5 year term. The 20% of the profit share will be based on the increase in the net asset value of the property portfolio at the time of redemption of the bond.

All figures are rounded to the nearest Pound. This calculator does not deduct any fees or taxes that may be payable. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and an independant financial advisor should always be consulted prior to investment.

The UK interest rate swap market is the driver of fixed rates for all types of borrowing, and the message here seems clear - rates will stay low for some time to come. David Menaghan, Key Commercial Finance. Indeed, Voltaire Financial confirm as of 24/8/17, 5 year swap rate is still sub 1% - at 0.809%.